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Posted by Laszlo on Mar 24, 2008


I sat against a wall with my legs extended, added that distance to the distance between the aft end of the deck and the aft end of the cockpit opening, added a couple of inches to allow for the seat and used that distance from the stern as the position of the footbrace rail centers.

Not only did it turn out to be within a couple of inches of what the version 2.2 manual shows, it was almost exactly centered on where the 2nd bow former used to be. So for convenience, I ended up using the 2nd bow former's stitch holes as my center.

It actually turns out that the position is not that critical. There's over a foot of travel in the footbrace adjustments. Also, with the size of that cockpit and the boat's handling chracteristics, you're not really going to be bracing the way you do in a sea kayak. When I tried the boat last year, I ended up hardly ever using the footrests.

So just make sure that the range of travel is centered on you and you can make the fine adjustments later.


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