Re: father and son

Posted by Frankp on Mar 25, 2008


I'd say if you're building for your son, the Chessy 14 is probably the best choice from the CLC line. There are other options though, like a Tern 14 from pygmy, or an Osprey 13, both of which come in under your budget for the basic kit (not sure what that includes). There are other stitch and glues out there, but the only ones I've paddled are the CLC line, since they're local to me.

I have built a couple of SOFs that worked out great and came in under $200 for materials. I guilt a 14' greenland boat for my daughter (then 7) so she could grow into it. She's still using it now and she's almost 13. I've also put together a baidarka at 16' that was for an ex girlfriend. I think both boats cost me $300 total, using a PVC skin (no sealing required) and glue. I used the extra PVC to make float bags for the boats, and still have leftovers.

If you're dead-set on a stitch and glue, there are options, but if you're willing to consider other variants, your possibilities are nearly limitless.

I made the SOF for my daughter due to cost and concerns of her outgrowing the boat so I figured I could make several SOFs for the price of a single CLC kit.


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