Re: Skerry : rabbet or no

Posted by Bob Santore on Mar 31, 2008

I agree with others who've advised against trying to build the boat without the rabbet joints. But don't worry about cutting the rabbet, it's not hard. You'll obviously need to monitor what you're doing and stop at the right depth, but go slow and it's not a big deal.

When we started working on the Skerry I bought this very reasonably priced rabbet plane:,41182

Clamp a wooden fence to it so that the width of the exposed blade is the width of the needed rabbet, and you won't need to worry about your cut wandering. Keep it sharp and it goes very easily through the okuome. I kid you not that my son (6 at the time) got his first exposure to woodworking with that plane on our Skerry. Planing wood is very satisfying, you'll get into the groove in no time (ha . . . punny).

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