Re: Builders Bash

Posted by Laszlo on Apr 2, 2008

Hey Kurt,

Mine should be ready by then (got 5 more weekends between now & O-fest) if I don't get too compulsive about sanding the inside and if the temps get high enough for varnishing. Otherwise it'll be coming to O-fest in its epoxy undies. Either way, I'd be honored to have you attempt to roll it. I'm also planning to attempt to stand up in it. And as a final act in the Duck Follies, I want to see if anyone wants to try Duck-pickin'. That's loosely based on the old Baltimore custom of egg-pickin' at Easter. Contestants tap eggs together, top-to-top and bottom-to-bottom, and the one whose egg stays uncracked wins. I figure that with my stem & stern pieces vs. endpours and that bitty stock transom piece I'm a shoo-in.


I'll be looking for you.


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