Two things:

First, thanks for tackling thousands of miles of Interstate to get your and Leah's beautiful kayaks to OkoumeFest for us peons to marvel over.  Several paddlers indicated they were too nice to paddle.  The CPA paddlers looked for sand in the cockpits to show that they were actually paddled.  They smiled when they found it.

Next I'd like to apologize for giving you bum dope.  While you were finishing your paddle on the Kaholo Stand-Up Paddleboard I suggested you try a wider stance.  Wrong.  After you drove off, a CPA paddler approached me.  He said that, although sometimes counterintuitive, the wider stance of my feeble attempts wasn't the best option.  A narrower stance imparts less feedback/instability and usually offers better control.  Good luck in your future SUP paddling.

Hope to see your Northeaster Dory next year.

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Thanks for the nice words, we get these boats in the water most days and that Miami Beach sand works it's way into everything. No apology necessary on the SUP suggestions, I'm sure it was my shaky legs. I'm renting a SUP this week and I hope to look a little better next year. SEEYA Jack

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