SW 17 H

The more I paddle my shearwater 17, the more I'm loving it. The last few days I've been paddling in the Hudson against the tide, current and wind. This boat cuts thru it all with minimal effort. I'm finding it takes waves/wake from all directions with great stability. Now that I have the knee braces glued in and the seat adjusted it's really comfortable, imparts confidence, and handles quite nicely.

I want to thank everyone in the Forum and at CLC for their help, guidance and handhoiding


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RE: SW 17 H

its a great boat.it moves along at cruising speed with so little effort vometimes  i take my sit on top to get more exersize

RE: SW 17 H

And for those who are too big for the Shearwaters, Eric Schade sells plans and kits for three larger boats based on the same hull design. My Shearwater was too tight, but I am as delighted with my Merganser 17W hybrid as Dan is with his SW. -Wes

RE: SW 17 H

is it possible to attached a picture of knee bracing



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