Hatch seals

Has anyone had issues with the self adhesive foam hatch seals shifting? I checked mine yesterday and found that they had slipped inward and were now not centered on the hatch lip. I had applied them directly to the unvarnished underside of the hatch cover. It's been real hot here and I suspect that's part of the problem. I know I'll have to redo the seals but am looking to avoid this happening again.

Any thoughts?


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RE: Hatch seals

Would this stuff work?


Pliobond is sort of like rubber cement on steroids. I was thinking of using it to glue together the two pieces of minicell foam that are part of the standard CLC tractor seat.



RE: Hatch seals

My have also moved when I had it out in the heat this last week. I moved some back in place by hand but haven't been too concerned, the hatch still fits and kept the very little water out when I was out paddling & rinsing after.

Eventually I may replace with a different seal material.

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