rub rails

So there I was, minding my own business (in  a group of 25)


in the East river and the only question I got was "where are your rub rails?"

Has any one ever installed them after the fact? Do I need to sand down to the fiberglass to glue them on securely? Should they be glassed over or is epoxy enough as they will most likely be sacrificial?



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RE: rub rails


The only "after the fact" is the varnish.  The rails go on tope of everything else.  I have them on botht my boats.  Don't try to glass over them.  Very hard to get it around all those corners and not cecessary.  Just sand thru the varnish and epoxy and nail them on.  Use some masking to avoid sanding more area than you want.

Good Luck


RE: rub rails

For my SOF, I screwed them on using #8 3/4 brass screws with a plug to cover the counter sunk hole.  They were bedded with silicone and installed after final paint.  I taped and lightly varnished.  This way they are removable for replace/repair should the need arise.

 Just over a year and they look as good as day 1. 

RE: rub rails

P.S. for my WD12, no rub rails.  after a couple months and lots of paddles, no problems

RE: rub rails

Kayaks have rub rails?

RE: rub rails


I think it depends on the kind of paddling you are doing. It seems to me if you are in a more urban environment with docks, piers and other boaters it might not be a bad idea. 

I'm not sure I'm going to do it, but my boat did acquire new scratches when clumping together with other yaks (rafting) and rub rails might have helped. I plan on sanding and doing a few more coats of varnish this winter, so I will probably decide then.

Any thoughts on the best wood?


RE: rub rails

I used Cherry and am very happy with the result.  It is very hard, I have bounced off lots of stuff (including rafting) although there are a couple of scuffs, no dents.

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