whisky plank tips

The deck design on my wife's Shearwater 16 hybrid is going to end up having about 6 whisky planks. I have reviewed the vids on this site and have reread Nick's book on strip built boats and I am still a bit unclear about closing the gap when using bead and cove strips. The whisky planks on my shearwater keep the water out, but are ugly..

Nick says in his book to cut the cove off the last strip. What about the cove on the edge strip that the bead of the last strip goes into? Should I just trim off the cove lip that is under the deck? Should I just use a flat edged strip and trim off the bead and cove in the opening?

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: whisky plank tips

I had success just cutting off the bottom part of the cove on my whiskey planks. It helped that they were located near the cockpit, so I had access to the underside to help coax them into place.




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