coinage under 'glass

I hear it's tradition? good luck? to epoxy a coin under the glass of your boat. As it turns out I'm lucky enough to find that there are olde coins with my name on them...


Is there a tradition location for this?


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RE: coinage under 'glass

There is often a coin placed on the mast step under the mast of a sailboat. SEEYA Jack

RE: coinage under 'glass

What about in a 'yak?

RE: coinage under 'glass

Since there is a sail rig for the CLC boats, I would suggest on the mast step location based on those plans.

my 2 cents worth (pun intended)

RE: coinage under 'glass


That is really cool! I've got a 1943 silver Mercury-head dime which I received as change epoxied inside my mast step, but your thaler is much classier, especially with that name tie-in.

Though, since the traditional reason for the coins was to have something to pay the ferryman with for taking one across the Styx in case worse comes to worst while one is out on the water, I sort of wonder why we need them. After all, we've got our own boats. Don' need no steenkin' ferryman, I'll paddle (sail, row...) myself.

But back to your original question - maybe under the seat for a kayak? For sailing vessels, under the mast step represents under the motive force. So for  kayaks, that'd be under the paddler.

You definitely win the prize for the best builder's tag,



RE: coinage under 'glass

This is definitely cool!


RE: coinage under 'glass

Here's an interesting tidbit told to me by a relative in the Canadian navy.

Every time the mast of a ship is stepped/unstepped, a coin of that year is placed in the step. For very old ships (some are still in use) one can see several coins of various vintage. 

I think the traditional location is under the mast step, and it's purpose is as Laszlo mentioned above. 


RE: coinage under 'glass

Here's the answer! Somewhere on you boat there's a hickey. It may be a scratch or a nick or a sanding swirl or a nail hole that didn't get filled well or a sand through or --- I could go on and on. Where ever that spot is, and there MUST be one, thet's where I'd put that little darlin'. SEEYA Jack

RE: coinage under 'glass

More than one, Jack......

Shouldn't be hard to find a spot.


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