Another Wood Duck and tips

My dad and I started the assembly on August 31, 2010. We launched her on October 15, 2010. I had a few days of work scarfing the plywood sheets and cutting out parts before the assembly started.

Pops at he ramp


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RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

Where did my picture go? Will work on it.

RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

Pops at the ramp

RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

Bonus Points for the translation.

Now for some tips from a first time builder, probably all discussed before;

Spend a little more time making sure the cut parts have fair curves, easy to do with the pencil, harder to do with the jigsaw.

The scarf joints don't need to be perfect. The one I sanded through the veneer is way more visible in the end than the ones that I just smoothed over.


Spend 20 more minutes slowly bending the stern, instead of 10-15 hours repairing the damage. There was no warning, they won't touch, CRACK. We had already decided on graphite, so we were't worried about the looks of it, but still wanted a nice straight boat.

Fill all of the cracks before applying the glass. Most of the really small cracks will fill in with epoxy, but the ones that don't are noticable and take a long time to get right. Again saved 20 minutes wasted 10-15 hours.

Now just got to do the end pourand rope handle, then build one for my wife. Hope you enjoy and good luck.

RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

The picture is there in your first post, just way too big so only the first line of the image is shown.

Let the good times roll, along with the fleau-de-lis of the House of Bourbon. Wonder if you could possibly live in Louisiana? :-)

I built a pirogue some years back to eplore the wild rice marshes and tidal creeks of Maryland. My WD12 has pretty much replaced it. WDs can do everything that the pirogue can, and they have a deck  which helps keep things (snakes, spiders, jumping fish, poison ivy, etc.) from falling into the boat with you. I think you'll really enjoy that boat out in the bayous.

I see that you used the stud mount footbraces. Good choice, if I say so myself. And I fell your pain about that crack. Fortunately, epoxy and woodflour can fix anything.

Sowelcome to the fleet. Enjoy yourselves in your new boat.



RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

Just took a closer look at the pictures and I'm wondering what's going on with the coaming spacers? Looks as if you did something novel there.



RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

Thanks Lazlo,

We looked at your build before taking the plunge. We are from BR, LA. But I am currently in NC with the CG.

I didn't catch the bit about 9mm plywood for the coaming spacers on the plans until I was back from the wood supply, 70 minute drive, and the price on 9mm plywood is steep. So to avoid the obstacles, I mitre cut and fit 3/4 x 3/4 Hard wood stock from Lowe's. $6 instead of $50 and the trip was alot shorter.

Our first trip, we put 8.5 miles, I had a 10 foot plastic boat. I was working alot harder and got alot more wet. 1 sponge full of water in the duck, 10-15 in the plastic boat.

RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

Yeah, I was surprised by the 9mm ply issue as well (WD12 from Plans), so I went the route of 3 layers of 6mm that was suggested in my my C18 plans.  1 4x4 6mm took care of the spacer and the lip, I felt the 4mm lip was too thin and since I had to buy another piece of wood anyways.  Fortunately my marine aupply is almost on my way home from work.

 Hope you have as much fun splashing around in your duck as we are having.

RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

We enjoyed building it and our first paddle was a success. Alot more comfortable than the plastic boats that I have used in the past. It now has 8.5 miles in the water and 20 hours on top of the car, so I gues it isn't new anymore :(

I forgot to mention the water-based stain, it comes in a clear tint base. We picked the color we wanted and the mixed it for us. They even had a lime green color.

We did the lettering with acrylic paints and oil based paint pens. We applied it on top of the glass and epoxy, under the varnish. We made a few mistakes, but they were easy to sand off.

Varnish, thinner and a rag. worked the best for us.

Thanks for all of your ideas and help.

RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

Congraduations !!!  She looks GREAT.  I need some info on weight.  I wiegh around 250 and that is near the suggested top limits for a wood duck 12.  So the obvious solution is the WD-14.  But in July, I demo'ed both and FAR preferred the WD-12 ovewr the WD-14.  Any thoughts??  Yea yea, I know..lose weight.  I ment OTHER than that.  Any 250 pounders reading this that have the WD-12????   ~BRUCE~

RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

Go with what you prefer. That's the whole point of the demos. What you like and how it it feels to you always trumps whatever the "official" limits are. Especially since there's safety factor built into the limits.

The only issue I can see at your weight is that the spray skirt may not fit, but the boat can handle the weight just fine.



RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

I am not 250# and have not paddled the WD14, but I have paddled a few plastic boats in the 12-14 foot range. I prefer the WD12 to any of the plastic boats that I have paddled. I you are comfortable with a 12 foot plastic boat then the WD12 would be better, lighter and more roomy. It also depends on you intentions, are you planning on fishing or camping with alot of gear?

RE: Another Wood Duck and tips

To echo Laszlo's comments, I am 220 and love the WD12.  I have had others paddle her who are heavier and she handles the weight fine.  As for the spray skirt, if you can not find one that works for you, sew your own.  I did.  In fact, I did a spash skirt that works wonderfully, I got the inspiration from a WD12 post on this forum that had one, then I googled and found this:  It is more generous on the opening and unless you have waves breaking over the bow, you will stay dry.

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