epoxy mess...

I got some thickened epoxy on the sides of my 17LT while attaching the deck. Unfortunately, I didn't notice in time and now it's hard as a rock. Is it safe to assume that I need to sand this down to the clear epoxy before glassing the deck (it's at a place that'll be covered with deck glass when I drape it over the sides). If I scuff the clear epoxy on the sides while doing this, will there be a cloudy spot when I apply more clear epoxy? This is my first build and I don't want to make a irreperable mistake. Thanks for your help!


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RE: epoxy mess...


Yes sand down the thickened epoxy to the clear on the hull. An no scuffing the clear epoxy will not show after you fill the glass that over hangs. It will just turn clear again. Have fun, I have learnedafter boats  there is not alot  that cannot be fixed.  


RE: epoxy mess...

Thanks! I was hoping that would be the case. I appreciate the information.


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