I'm pretty excited to be nearly ready to varnish my C17LT. I have two questions before proceeding:

1) I've sanded the hull with 80 grit and have exposed the weave in a few spots. I think I barely cut into it. I splashed some water on these spots and the weave completely disappeared. Will this happen once varnish is on or will it behave differently, showing the weave? I'm nearly tapped out on epoxy and I'm trying to avoid covering these spots with more, if possible.

 2) The mild autumn along the Front Range is coming to an end this week. Lows in the low 20s. Highs in the 30s-50s this week. Uninsulated garage. Not able to heat it. Is it a bad idea to attempt varnish/paint in these conditions? I assume it'll remain tacky for a long time and be susceptible to dust. Is there anything worse that might happen?

 Thanks for your help!


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