Hatch handles

We can't decide which way to go..finger grooves in the deck, rope loops, strapping loops or ???

I don't want to use any metal hardware since I am using the flush deck fittings.

I'm a little leery of the finger grooves since they are so permanent if we don't like them or if they leak.

Any thought, opinions?


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RE: Hatch handles

On my wood duck 10 hybrid(with internal bungie set-up) I carved a small handle for the hatch with some scrap mahogany, varnished it, and super glued it to the hatch. It look good and has held up well.



RE: Hatch handles

On my Merganser hybrid, which has internal bungees, I made a combination loop handle/safety tether that works very well. After a full season of hard use, it never leaked a drop. See photos at http://twofootartist.com/merganser-construction-notes/ Scroll down to the October 18, 2009 entry, about 3/4 way down the page. -Wes

RE: Hatch handles

I like the idea of a soft loop. This way you don't gouge yourself if you have to climb over the deck to get back in the boat.


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