If any of you folks ever wonder about the integrity of CLC, let me pass on a story.  In the last few days, I have had a major set back with my Wood Duck 12 building project. 

I built the boat and she was BEAUTIFUL.  GREAT seams and lovely grain,  Due to the way CLC presented the kit and instructrions, I was "done" in about 55 hours, including the glassing of the bottom/hull.  Then I began glassin the deck and the results went SOUTH, by bullett train.  The temp was great, the wood & F/G was great but the MAS I got was old I guess..  Although I followed CLC and you fellow builder's suggestions about the warm water heating, the results was milky.  As Charlie Brown would say, ARRRRRGGGGG. 

Although it had NOTHING to do with CLC, they called me today, after reading the BAD MASS comments and offered to help,   Having fired up the chain saw & wood chipper, I decided to put her away for a while and "catch my breath".

But, the point being, CLC is the BEST.  customer support to the MAX.....~BRUCE~

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Bruce, is it "madness" when a company makes customer service their TOP priority, No, it just makes them the BEST.  John, how about an update on MADNESS?


I agree.  CLC has boats/kits around the world but it I feel like they are one of us.  Simple guys/gals who like to build boats.


I had a problem on an invoice from CLC once.  I shot an E-mail to them and "presto",  no more problem.

Customer service at CLC is the BEST !!!!


Linden Michigan


Hear Hear!!

John Harris and Joey Schott both chimed in on my latest issue! What more can you ask for? You guys are great!


Shrub Oak , New York 

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