The chicken or the egg?????

Hello all...  I have a cosmetic question to throw out there.  I had to strip the fiberglass off my Wood Duck-12.  At the direction of CLC, I used a heat gun and all went well.  But in re-sanding the hull in prep for the new F/G cloth layer, I sanded thru the top layer of ply in a few short areas.  So now I need to paint a thin stripe at the hull-to-sheer joint, about 3/8" wide, to cover the flaw.

The question is, should I paint first, then glass, or glass, then paint.  AND, I'm open to paint type suggestions also...   Thanks so much....   ~BRUCE~ 


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RE: The chicken or the egg?????

Definitely do the paint stripe last.  And ponder using automobile pin-striping (available at any auto parts store) or even quality electrical tape for the stripe.  We've done both to amazing effect.  I've actually put black sheer stripes on varnished kayaks just for the nice accent.

RE: The chicken or the egg?????

Bruce, I'd like to hear more about using a heat gun to remove your fiberglass. Was the weave fully filled and cured? We're looking at doing that to the bottom of an old 20' boat.


RE: The chicken or the egg?????

OK John.  Thanks for the info.  Will check out tape stripes.


Grant, I had problems with the epoxy hardener, resulting in a splotchie finish, so I had NOT yet applied the weave filling coats.  But it was very easy.  I was even careful enough to remove the 2" overlap areas on the sheer without harming the hull F/G layer.  On my foredeck I had applied an onlay & did lose that so I bought a new one from CLC and have just epoxied it in place.

I used a heat gun and flexable putty knife.  To insure I would not gouge the wood below, I slightly rounded the edges/corners of the putty knife. The hot blade of the knife did a better job than aplying excessive heat to the surfaces.  I did it in two steps; first heating enough to peel up the F/G, then reheating the surface enough to allow east scraping to remove epoxy left overs, hence reducing the need to sand much.

 Because of several overlaps, I had three layers of F/G on the transom yet was able to remove it all without harming the wood    ~BRUCE~

RE: The chicken or the egg?????

Thanks Bruce. Glad to hear you got it off with no damage. -- Grant

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