CH17LT is done!

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RE: CH17LT is done!

It took me nearly 16 years to buy the kit and then 5.5 months to build it once I did. Many thanks to everyone who helped me with my first build! I can't wait to get this thing in the water. I just have to wait for the thaw here in Colorado. Now to decide on the next build...

RE: CH17LT is done!

Congrats! Job well done! I like what you did with the paint.

This is the model I built (finished a few years ago) and I've been delighted with mine.

RE: CH17LT is done!

That did turn out well, didn't it. Here's hoping for soft water for all of us, real soon.



RE: CH17LT is done!

Great job building a great looking kayak !!!

All my paddling has been in a WD12.  But one day last summer I had the chance to take a CH17LT out for an hour or so.  I loved it.  It was fast and effortless.

I know that you will have a great time with it.

Lou from frozen Michigan.

RE: CH17LT is done!

nice looking CH17 :)

Grate work and have fun paddeling it :) 

RE: CH17LT is done!

Thanks everyone!

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