Sassafras 16 Build

I am getting ready to fiberglass the bottom of the boat. I am thinking of running a strip of fiberglass tape the full length of the keel as opposed to just at the stems. I think it will add to ruggedness of the keel as it encounters sandy and rocky beachings. Any thoughts.

Has anyone gone the epoxy graphite route on the bottom of their canoe? I have this treatment on both of my Kayaks (ducks) and it works well.

One last question, why not glass for the whole outside of the boat like on the Kayak kits??



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RE: Sassafras 16 Build

 Glass is good

I have a sassafras 14 that took a spill from car top to cement, Guess where she cracked ? You would add how much weight to glass an extra panel ?? At least the repair, on the 14, gave me confidence in my boat building first aide.. My cheessie 16 did a circus trick as well, she came out fine.. I often smirk about people shaving ounces off their boats. When I saw my kayak on that pavement, I was pretty amazed.  I could not tell, the abuse she took. Is an extra pound of weight worth it ?. Ask yourself that, when you are about to embark on a week long journey into a place like the Boundry Waters and see that FIRST boulder just under your boat. Your boat will be put to a test someday. ..Just my humble opinion

RE: Sassafras 16 Build

I agree re the fiberglass tape along the keel (plus the per-design 'glass up to the first plank on the outside and the second on the inside), but glassing the whole boat is a bit excessive (ie heavy, difficult and not worth it), UNLESS you plan to use it like a tupperware boat, renting it to kids, bashing it along rocks and shallow rapids, or expeditioning for weeks or months.

My Sassafras is used in a lake and on some deep rivers, and pulls up on sand. And five years old, it's still completely  fine. I've dragged it around, dropped it from shoulder-height onto rocks a few times, and only suffered some easily-reparable chips, but I might have been lucky. But my sense is that the Sassafras is already a tough design. It's a canoe, not a kayak. A Jeep, not a Ferrarri. No need to armor it too much more, without a specific reason.

But, wood is wood. Graphite is worth it, particularly if you beach on a rocky shore...



RE: Sassafras 16 Build

Thanks for the feedback.

Going with full tape on the keel(plus recomended glass).

David, I suspect my paddling will be areas similar to you.

Not sure about the graphite, probably run it a season to determine if needed.

Happy Paddling!



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