mill creek rub rails - why bother?

After reading about drill-fill-drill and envisioning pounding a zillion brads through rub rails, through the epoxy, through the fiberglass, into the sealed up boat, I stopped and wondered, WHY?

Since when does a kayak need rub rails?

Why penetrate the hull with all those brads and provide a conduit for potential water seepage straight into the wood?

 Instead, I decided to use my rub-rails as a topper for the cockpit combing.  I didn't like the idea of exposed end-grain, without fiberglass, in an area that was sure to get wear and tear.

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RE: mill creek rub rails - why bother?

You will find out soon why you should have rub-rails.  The brads are no problem.  At some point you will come up to another boat,  you may need to "raft" next to the other boat. You may launch from a pier, dock, I have a couple of times.  Or just from paddleing rub rails are nice, you won't inadvertanly rub the boat when paddleing.  I also think they are needed from an asthetic value.   Just my thoughts. 



RE: mill creek rub rails - why bother?

Rub rails protect the edge of your Mill Creek. You will beat the the edges with your paddle due to the extra width, bump into docks, other boats and every thing that comes your way. They are a smart item to add to a Mill Creek.

There is no exposed end grain if mounted flush with the deck and brads are not a problem for water seepage. I did not glass over the top of the rub rails so that they could be replaced if needed in the future.

You will appreicate them in the future...


RE: mill creek rub rails - why bother?

I've been kayaking for 'bout 15 years now, and I've never used a dock and in the waters where I'll take this boat I've never rafted or bumped into another boat.   Guess that makes me a bit of a loner (while fishin' ;-) 

As far as hitting the MC with the paddle, the curve and width of the deck appear to make the most likely 'hit' spots on the top edge, but as I haven't had her in the water, yet, I guess I'll have to take your word for that.

 The exposed end grain I was concerned about is on the top edge of the coaming. I know I'll hit that with the paddle, the fish'n pole, when turning the boat upside down to drain, etc.

RE: mill creek rub rails - why bother?

btw, dehager, your MC is beautiful!  nicely done, and thanks for sharing the pics.

RE: mill creek rub rails - why bother?

HawksEye.  Enjoy your MC.   I fish out of mine and it works great.  Very stable, comfortable and very easy to paddle.   I have anchored in mine with about a 10 knot wind, it held very nicely.   I made a fishing shelf with compartments, cup holder and rod holder.  Will be in mine in central Oregon high lakes in a couple of weeks.



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