glassing the coaming

wouldnt it make sense to put a litte fiberlass around the top of the coaming to make it stronger? or would it just end up being a complete mess?

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RE: glassing the coaming

I used a little bit of scrap 4oz glass on my coaming/coaming rim to keep the abuse down from the paddles and general wear and tear.  This was on a MC16.5, and I did round over both top edges of the coaming and the coaming rim with an 1/8 in router bit.  I would not try with square edges unless you are going to keep it to just the one top surface. 

 My 2 cents!

RE: glassing the coaming

It's easy to do with 4 oz. and I think it adds a good amount of abrasion resistance to an area that takes a beating....I did it on mine (CH16's).


RE: glassing the coaming

Sure, glass both sides.  No mess and added abrasion/strength.  Glass is very forgiving...a little sanding fixes lots of boo-boos.

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