WOOD DUCK Police!!!!

WARNING....  Transporting a Wood Duck could get you arrested...   OK, OK., maybe not exactly arrested.  I was returnng from a GREAT paddle, with my Wood Duck 12 secured atop my car when I was "hit" with red lights and asked to pull over.  A million things were passing thru my mind.   Hmmm   Speeding...lane change...expired tags...some other infraction...   None of the above.  The officer was a wood kayak builder wanta-be and wanted to talk to me about DAFFY DUCK.  I'm sure, after our roadside chat, John & the CLC crew will be getting a call for another Wood Duck kit. 

It is nice to have one's work admired, but I'd prefer a less stressful encounter.   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!    ~BRUCE~

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RE: WOOD DUCK Police!!!!

Great story, thats pretty funny.

RE: WOOD DUCK Police!!!!

Bruce, good story. Where were you paddling that was such a great paddle (I belive you live in the SF Bay area)?


RE: WOOD DUCK Police!!!!

Hi Ralph.  There are many GREAT spots around the San Francisco greater bay area.  That day I was on Lake Hennessey, in the Napa Valley.  Tomales Bay, Drake's Estero, Suisun City; All fun areas to explore...~BRUCE~

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