NE inwales&bulkheads

I am adding blocking and inwales to my Northeaster Dory.  Is it preferable to notch the blocks and inwales to clear the bulkheads or to notch the bulkheads to clear the inwales?  I can creat arguments both ways so input or experience would be appreciated.  Barry

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RE: NE inwales&bulkheads

I put the same type of inwales on my Skerry and I cut off the tips of the bulkheads just below the inwales.  Being a "measure once and cut twice" kind of guy, I have decided I should have measured the blocking arrangement so the bulkheads terminated under one of the filler blocks in the wales.  This would have hidden the top of the bulkhead tip and made for a cleaner appearing installation. If this link works you can see the cut tips of a bulkhead and the spacer block installation process.

RE: NE inwales&bulkheads

Thanks wing,  I can't seem to get to the photos but am joing the group to get access (I hope).  I do plan to have blocks land over the bulkheads as you mention.

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