Sea Island Sport

Alright, I give up. After the water drains out of the cockpit, where does it go! It looks like into the hull? Or is there sometype of drain tube that goes to the outside of the hull.



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RE: Sea Island Sport

The water is transported to a distant desert planet. No, not really. There's a scupper that goes out the bottom of the boat. The holes, four of 'em, are already cut in the kit bottom panels and there's a "box", for lack of a better term, that connects them with the hole in the cockpit. Works really well. I suppose if not built correctly the water could end up in the hull but that's not really the best situation.

George K

RE: Sea Island Sport

Thanks George, I can picture that. I am looking for a new project, (two ducks and a Sassafrass 16 in the fleet now) and was looking at the build pics and could not figure it out.

Thanks again,


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