carrying eastport pram on stanchions?

i'm  about  to  add   stanchions  to  store  the  eastport  pram  on  the  aft  transom  of  our 33  ft  sailboat.  any suggestions  on  where to attach the  davits' tackles  at  pram bow  and  stern ? i was thinking to  run  the tackles  thru  the  cutouts  in  pram's    bow  and  stern.. 



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RE: carrying eastport pram on stanchions?

From davits?  My advice would be to through-bolt padeyes through the bottom of the Eastport Pram.  Fasteners countersunk into the external bottom skids.  This would be so strong that it will pass the standard dinghy-in-davits test:  a dinghy full of rainwater.

RE: carrying eastport pram on stanchions?

I think I would through bolt a reasonable size padeye, with a welded ring, on the inside of each transom.  I would use another padeye on the exterior of each transom as a backing plate.  The exterior padeyes could be used as an attachment point for a painter for towing, and at the stern it could be used for a stern anchor if you didn't want to drag the boat up on a stoney beach.  I would place them just low enough so you could two-block the tackle on the davits, and pull the dinghy tight to the underside of the davits.  I would also install some sort of drain plug, either in the stern transom or in the garboard, which I would leave open whenever the dinghy is in the davits.  I saw a boat arrive in Provodenciales, in the Turks and Caicos, that had a wave hit dinghy in davits, and took the dinghy, one davit, and about 18" x 18" of deck and backing plate.  I don't doubt that the Eastport will stay together, but will your davits and stanchions hold up?

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