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The kaholo 12-6 plans call for 2 full sheets of 3mm okoume. I just had a neighbor GIVE! me some unused leftover sheets but one is 3mm and one is 4mm. I can't fine reference to what parts are made with what thickness. Just wondering if the SUP can be built by substituting the 4mm piece for the second 3mm piece. My guess would be no since I bet the two 3mm pieces need to be scarfed together to get to length. The plans also call for a half-sheet of 4mm and my neighbor also gave me a partially used piece of 4mm that will cover those parts. Even if it won't work and I need to buy a second 3mm piece it's not a bad surprise on a Sunday!

Thanks for any advice. Patrick

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RE: kaholo question

Well, I bought the kit.    But it depends how many peices are cut out of one sheet.   I guess you could do 3MM on the top and 4MM on the bottom.  But it seemed to me that all the exterior wood was 3MM and you probably only need the 4MM stuff for the support peices.   I would try to keep it as light as possible.   I suspected it to be a little easier to carry around but it isn't that light and doing whatever you can to keep it lighter would be worth while.   Best of luck.

RE: kaholo question

I built one from plans. If you have full sheets you could do the top from 4mm and the rest from 3mm. That would probably be the easiest way to go. Mixing 3 and 4 on the sides or bottom would probably be a headache. The deck just sits on the top so the interface isn't nearly as thickness dependent. You definitely wouldn't need to glass both sides of the deck as the instructions call for. 

RE: kaholo question

Thanks Klaver and Cyclocross!

I appreciate your expertise information. Still not sure what approach I'll take but I'm looking forward to another project.


RE: kaholo question

should say "expertise and information"...

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