Filling the Weave

I have started filling the weave of the fibreglass in my wherry.  Will the glass eventually disappear from view as I build up the epoxy and varnish or will it always remain visible?

The surface seems mottled and although glossy, does not reflect light without distortion?  Will this disappear with subsequent coats of epoxy and varnish?  Should I sand it flat between coats of epoxy?  Could epoxy be too thick?  Any ideas?  Thanks,


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RE: Filling the Weave

If the surface is mottled and glossy, it needs to be sanded - a lot. You may have put the epoxy on too thick. The glass weave will be visible until you varnish, but will then magically disappear. -Wes

RE: Filling the Weave

 Hi Scott,

 You should be seeing clear epoxy with the raised texture of the fabric. The term 'mottled' is a bit concerning. You may have some blush going on or condensation issues. Blush is easy to fix but the cloudy condensation...well let's hope it's blush. Does scrubbing with warm soapy water help?


  Here's a picture of a first coat, look familiar?

  Well after seeing the picture here it's not very helpful, you may want to copy/paste this to see the full sized shot:

RE: Filling the Weave

Thanks.  Mottled is a bit misleading.  Perhaps wavey is more accurate.  Do I sand the epoxy thoroughly before varnishing?  After my first coat it did look like your photo.  I think all is well, but the epoxy may be too thick/cold (I'm in Australia, so it's winter here) and doesn't flow as well as it could.  I'll wait for a warmer day and perhaps try a different roller - I've been using a foam one - is this recommended?

RE: Filling the Weave

  Hi Coco,

  I suppose it's whatever works for you works. I have tried brushes, scraper and settled on the foam roller with 1/8" nap same as sold here at CLC. I do cut the roller into 3" peices and use on a small roller frame. I also tip with a foam brush after rolling. Hope that helps, maybe some others will have some input.

  Have you checked these tips out?  Link

RE: Filling the Weave

Hi Sskiff,

Thanks for your help.  I have checked out the tips for baotbuilders and found it invaluable.  I'll try your idea to tip with a foam brush after roller as well.  All the best,


RE: Filling the Weave

It goes like this...


Untouched of course your glass cloth is white and at best translucent to opaque.  First coat will make it clear, BUT youll have the woven texture. Successive coats will fill the woven texture so its just smooth. Then sand away drips and varnish. Super super close inspection will reveal a hint of glass, but it is for all i9ntent and purpose, quite invisible.



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