Hiding the rough edges of Carbon Fiber

Good Day All,

After seeing the carbon fiber in these pictures, I decided I'd give it a try:

I purchased the carbon fiber from CLC and it looked good on the roll.
The issues arose after cutting it...man, the weave is very loose!
I was able to control the loose ends well enough, not perfectly, when laying it on the canoe...the issue is the loose ends still look terrible.
In the picture, in the above link, the edges appear to be covered and look great...what might that edging be?
Or how can I best hide the frayed loose edges that are now under epoxy?

Any thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

- Robert

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RE: Hiding the rough edges of Carbon Fiber

I'm thinking that looks like a bit of black paint/strip to hide the edge.  I am curious how you deal with this, I have some carbon for my C18... planning to do this on the inside of the cockpit. 

RE: Hiding the rough edges of Carbon Fiber

To get cleaner, less frayed edges you need to use a transfer sheet. I like a sandwich of 3mil plastic, the wet out CF, and peel ply. First drape the peel ply over the boat/work area and draw a pattern. Make sure your CF is at least an inch or two bigger all around. Tape the plastic to a bench, set the CF on top, again test the peel ply pattern over the top to make sure the CF hasn't bias-stretched and still fits, remove peel ply, wet out CF on the plastic, lay the peel ply over and gently squeegee into the CF. Now grab some scissors and neatly cut the 3 layers to the shape on the top layer pattern. Carry the whole assembly to the boat and set in place, then like a peel and stick decal you'll lift a corner and peel away the plastic while pressing the CF to the boat. Leave the peel ply on top, and again gently squeegee the surface.

After the epoxy cures, peel away the peel ply and you'll see a matte, gently cloth-textured surface. With a sanding block, gently sand the edges to create a small ramp or bevel to the CF, mask the transition with parallel pieces of tape as close together as possible based on the neatness of the edges of the CF, the brush on a graphite powder thickened (tinted) stripe of epoxy between the tapes. Peel the tapes when the epoxy is set up, and roll a coat of clear epoxy over the whole area (or boat...). Gently block sand the epoxy, taking care especially at the edges of the CF to avoid burning through. Repeat the epoxy as needed until you get a smooth enough result, blocking each coat, then finish with the clear coat of your choice.

RE: Hiding the rough edges of Carbon Fiber

I copied and pasted that info . Thanks for relaying  that info!!



RE: Hiding the rough edges of Carbon Fiber

Thank you for this information. Sure wish I had it prior to applying the CF!
It's not terrible looking, but it's not perfect. This is my first build attempt, so it goes down as a learning experience.

Thanks again,


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