plywood thickness

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I may have finally found a source of 3mm okoume plywood in Colorado. I was told by a salesman that what they sell is 1/8 inch or 2.6 mm. I read online that BS 1088 allows for tolerances of +.2 to -.4 mm. Any opinions on whether or not I can I use 2.6mm for my Kaholo 12-6 build?


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RE: plywood thickness

Wait for a CLC expert to chime in, but if you plan on sheathing the board with fiberglass cloth I would go for it.  

RE: plywood thickness

Most, if not all, Okoume plywood imported to the States is made in a country that uses metric measurements (not inches).  I would guess the salesman or someone converted 3 mm to 1/8" to make it easy on us metric-challenged Yanks.  If it really is BS 1088 Okoume marine ply, it should have a stamp inked into the best face (:-o) of the wood indicating its quality.  I agree with hokeyhydro, go for it!

RE: plywood thickness

Thank you both for the info!

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