Epoxy Runs/Drips

While epoxing the bulkheads, a few epoxy runs/drips accumulated, despite my best efforts.  I've started to sand off the drips and clean up the wood, but I'm wondering how deep I should sand to make sure that when I put finish coats on, the drips won't be visible.  Anyone want to weigh in?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Epoxy Runs/Drips

First, before you use the sandpaper start with a cabinet scraper and-or sureform rasp on the runs & drips..

RE: Epoxy Runs/Drips

Thanks for your response.  Question:  Are you taking the drips back down to bare wood or is a flush surface sufficient to hide this error during finishing?

RE: Epoxy Runs/Drips

Stop at flush.  Any more makes a problem to be corrected later.

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