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Just wondering if there would be enough interest in the Central Florida area for a get together of small craft builders. I go to several shows each year, couldn't make it to the last MASCF to see Laszlo, Karl and the CLC guys, and I'm still a bit bummed! If you've never been to a festival you're missing out on a great opportunity to see what others are doing and to be able to put a face to the posts here. I don't have anything fancy in mind; no guest speakers, no cash prizes for judging, no mud wrestling of good-lookin' young women. Well, maybe the mud wrestlin'... But I digress. It would just be a day to paddle or sail whatever you've built and have some laughs. It would also be open to anyone outside the CF area who wanted to come join. That includes Kurt. And if you haven't built a boat yet and want to come see 'em and take a few for a test ride most owners are more than willing to share their boats.

The time frame is flexible, I know everybody gets busy around the holidays. Right after the first of the year would work for me, or even around the Christmas holidays.

So if you're interested just reply here and we'll start figuring out when and where.

George K

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RE: small craft get together

I am on the West Coast of FL (St. Petersburg), but I would love to help with something like this.  My schedual is pretty busy thru the 1st however.  Where would you like to set up to paddle?  My yaks are 19' &18'.

RE: small craft get together

East coast  of central Florida.

I would be interested.

Near part of the first of next year I will be on a  paddle in the Everglades for 9-10 days, tho.



RE: small craft get together

Hi George, Here's a yes for Miami Beach. I too have a lot on my plate but would sure be there if the time was right. I’ve always wondered why there's nothing like that in FL. Hope it happens and is ongoing. Lest May was my first Okumefest and I don't have a schedule of that kind of thing on the East Coast but would participate more if I did. If I can help start something in FL I'm in so e-mail me at [email protected]. SEEYA Jack

RE: small craft get together

I think it would be great to have a get together.  I still have three kayaks to bring and I know at least three other builders in the Orlando area that would be up for it if the date doesn't conflict with one of our races.

 Kyle T.



RE: small craft get together

Hey GeorgeI plan on making the small craft festival at Cortez in mid April. Will you be there?? From what I understand that’s a growing event.Peace Karl

RE: small craft get together


Looks like there'll be enough interest to throw something together. Seems the concensus right now is we're all busy till at least the middle of January. That works for me and it'll give us a bit of time to work out details. Karl mentions the Gulf Coast Small Craft Festival and I've been there each year since it began. It's similar to the MASCF in Maryland. OkoumeFest is more what I'm leaning towards but even more informal that that. (And John didn't know his event was formal!!).

So DM let me know when the 'Glades paddle is, Kyle T. check those January race dates and Kev I don't have a clue where we'd meet right now!

Karl, I'm planning on being at the Gulf Coast Festival but I was also planning on being at MASCF this year. Time will tell. But I do hope to see you there.

Jack, I think we met at Okoumefest (although I can't put a face to your name as I met so many other people there. Sorry!) but any help will gladly be accepted! I'll email you shortly.

Let others know who might not read this forum. My email is [email protected]


George K.


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