Truck rack

Am trying to find a way to carry my CH-17LT on a '98 Chevy K-1500. Already have Thule 883 Glide and Set carrier. Any suggestions on a bed rack to make it happen?

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RE: Truck rack

You should be able to carry the 17LT on those racks on your truck with no problem.  I carry my Petrel on my Quad Cab Ram on Yakima Hully Rollers  and Mako cradles, with no issues.  I do use bow and stern lines for stability.  I also have the Yakima Drydock "Y" rack that goes in the 2" receiver.  that works for the Petrel, but even with the short bed, any boat under 14'6" doesn't make it spanning the Drydock to the rack on the roof.

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