Weather problems

I know you builders who are up north have problems with the cold, but we southern builders have our own set of problems. Just today I had to turn on the air conditioning in the shop so the epoxy wouldn't kick too fast! Life is rough.....

George K

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RE: Weather problems

Mr. Moderator, forum rules strictly forbid this kind of torment of innocent, hardworking Yankees. It must be stopped! (Or we will retaliate in August, you can be sure of that.)

RE: Weather problems


Take solace in the fact that Thursday the high in Hot Chocolate is supposed to be 56, so that loud rattling sound we'll be hearing up here will be the sound of their blue teeth chattering. And, thanks to all the shivering they won't be able to type their taunts, either.

Then later they'll be too busy sanding the lovebugs out of their varnish to bother us with their BS-1088. Until the hurricanes, that is. Then, as you say, August will be upon them. Unless they've fallen into a sinkhole.





RE: Weather problems

Jealousy rears it's ugly head! Tell the truth, I did have some cold weather problems last week. It didn't get as warm as was predicted and I had some epoxy take about 48 hours to cure. First time for that. So I actually enjoyed having to turn on the AC the other day! Meanwhile I can enjoy kayaking without having to put the icebreaker bow on!

Stay warm, you guys.

George K

RE: Weather problems

Here's the view from the Yonkers club...


RE: Weather problems

  Here in LA it has been getting down to the low 50's and sometimes even into the high 40's at night, but the days are mid 70's and sunny. I keep my resin inside the shop where it stays in the 60's and keeping it cool really extends the working life. I only rarely have problems with a big batch cooking off prematurely, once I learned to keep it mix in the shade. The only real issue is having to wait an extra 24 hours before sending any epoxy for it to fully harden due to the cool nights slowing the cure.

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