CLC Trimaran

The talk about the Outrigger Junior got me searching the CLC website for trimarans and I found this:

It was on John's sailing blog (  Has there been any update to this design, or has the idea been scrapped?

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RE: CLC Trimaran

It's still a live project.  The engineering has proven to be nontrivial, and cost control is a challenge---nobody wants a $5000 kit for something like this.  So it's been slow going on the 15-foot tri project.  Its cousin the Outrigger Junior, with similar performance potential and one fewer hulls to build, has distracted us some.

As an aside, that particular drawing has had a startling life on the World Wide Web.  It's turning up everywhere.  Yesterday I got an email from a man in Turkey who was building a boat from that drawing alone, which he found on some random site.  I wished him's an intricate collection of parts!

RE: CLC Trimaran

I REALLY like that Outrigger Junior.  It looks like a very stable, smooth platform, and I assume it will be very hard to capsize. Is it possible to reef a lateen at least once, like to maybe half size?

I am eager to see the kit when it comes out.  How hard is it to build those curved amas?

RE: CLC Trimaran


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