Mbuli Catamaran

I have a question to some of you experienced builders concerning the Mbuli (or Madness) proa.  I saw this trimaran and got to thinking (always a dangerous thing).

Would it be possible and/or practical to take the main hull and build two of them in order to build a beach-cruising catamaran instead of a proa?

I am thinking you could use a bi-plane rig to avoid the crazy center beam loads, kind of like Tony Bigras' Miss Cindy. A standard foil rudder and daggerboards/leeboards that slip down between the hulls and trampoline should provide good control surfaces without taking up the interior.

Long-term (after I get some build experience), I would like to build a minimalist crusing cat, and I haven't seen a Wharram or Woods design that really catches my eye.  It's always nice to have a vision for the future.

Does this sound like a realistic idea at all?

Thanks.  I really appreciate any comments....

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RE: Mbuli Catamaran

   Check out Bernd Kohler's cats.


George K

RE: Mbuli Catamaran

   Thanks,  I'll check those out some more for future plans....



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