Peeler Console Option Breakage

When you receive The Box, make sure that both left and right side panels are one piece. I just unpacked mine and both panels had snapped on a line from where the console seat sets to where the console sets on the center seat. In other words, at the narrowest part of the panels.

Looks like I'll need to get creative with some six10 and some scrap pieces. I'll also need to make an onlay that looks like a bandaid to cover the scars.


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RE: Peeler Console Option Breakage

  I can't believe that CLC won't replace the damaged in shipping parts. They are too trustworthy not to.  My CC hasn't arrived yet,, I'll be very anxious to see if it's all ok.  Thanks, Ken. 

RE: Peeler Console Option Breakage

   I'll check with them in the morning.

RE: Peeler Console Option Breakage

   I guess that is why i made my console out of 3/4 inch and made that narrow part twice the width.  They should be able to ship you a new one though, sounds like it broke in shipping.  If not, you could glue it back together and patch it on the inside so it is less visible, but I would start new or get a new piece of Okoume.  Good luck with the CC.  I am really glad I decided to go that route with my boat.

RE: Peeler Console Option Breakage

   New panels are being sent and Joey says they will reinforce the packing to give the folks at UPS more of a challenge. The breaks in the panels were so even and so similar that it took me a couple of minutes to figure out 'What's wrong with this picture?'.

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