peeler stitching - heads up

When joining the bottom to the sides on the Peeler it really helps if you support the bottom panel at just the very bow and stern. This induces just the right amount of rocker (sag) into the panel and the sides fit like magic. Also, when you tighten the stitches, push up on the bottom not down on the side.

Sorry I said all those things about you John but I got hung up on the flat bottom part of the Peeler's discription. It just shows that if at first (second, third, fourth) you gon't succeed, go sit down, you're doing it wrong.

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RE: peeler stitching - heads up

   Thanks for the suggestion on supporting the boat by the ends.  The sides and the bottom joined quite quickly and nicely using that method. 

We are having a bit of a rain delay today but are hoping to finish the epoxy on the insides of the floatation tanks today and tomorrow and then setting the seats on Friday.

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