Northeaster Bulkhead Problem

I need help from my Stitch-and-Glue brethren. A couple weeks ago, I managed to do a moderately good job of screwing up my Northeaster dory. Without going in to too much detail, I really did a lousy job with the bulkhead-to-hull fillets. The joints are rough and uneven. In some spots they don't even fill the whole gap so I've got sorta exposed bulkhead lower corners. Once the floatation is installed, these joints will be mostly invisible, so my first question is should I even worry about the crappy looking fillets? Second question is (if it's worth fixing) how to fix the problem. I'm thinking I will clean up the joint with a wire brush chucked in my drill, then wash with soapy water (do I need to worry about blush?) then just reapply a thin, cosmetically-superior fillet over the old one. Your thoughts ladies and gentlemen?

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RE: Northeaster Bulkhead Problem

Not really a problem but you should fill in the fillets until the bottom edge of the bulkheads are covered. If you used a non blush epoxy like MAS you don't need to do anythig but put a thin layer of thickened epoxy on top. Or, as you called it, a cosmetically-superior fillet. 

George K

RE: Northeaster Bulkhead Problem

   I found that a Dremel stroked carefully toward you with a large grinder bit works  better tool than a wire brush in a drill...makes lots of dust so you'll want the respirator  

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