Peeler Skiff floatation

I have never seen this specified anywhere. I used 5 ea. 4ft by 8ft sheets of 2 inch thick closed cell foam. Just sayin'.

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RE: Peeler Skiff floatation

Small powerboats are required by law to carry foam flotation.  Even boats built from kits, and even boats with sealed flotation compartments!

Read the relevant Coast Guard regulations here.

Read my article about the Peeler's Coast Guard certification here.

Peeler Skiff wooden boat kit

RE: Peeler Skiff floatation

The use of foam floatation is prominently mentioned. It's just that the approximate amount needed is never specified.   

RE: Peeler Skiff floatation

Ah, just so, Bob.  That IS a good piece of information to know.  The reason we weren't more specific was the variation in the available size and thickness of those foam sheets at the big box stores---it's all over the place.  Perhaps a cubic footage number or something would help when builders get to that moment.


Peeler Skiff Wooden Boat Kit

RE: Peeler Skiff floatation

   My hat is off to you, John. I know this is reserecting an oldish post but I clicked on the link to the Coast Guard reg's for boat builders - - - HOLY CRAP!  You need to be a sea lawyer / tax attorney / expert in Chinese algebra to have a chance with that. Being non of the above all I got was - blah blah blah flotation blah blah. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf.

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