Peeler Order of Operations

I am relatively early into the build of my peeler.  So far so good. I am looking ahead a little to the installation of the skids.  Wouldn't it be better to install them before any Fiberglass is installed on the bottom?  It seems to make more sense to either install after all glass is done (i.e., to allow replacement if damaged) or under all of the layers of glass. Does anyone have any opinions or advise?

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RE: Peeler Order of Operations

We glued and screwed the skids to the bottom before glassing.  We then put two layers of glass and resin over the whole bottom.  There are quite a few gravel beaches in my area.  Make sure that you adequately fillet and round the skids or you'll never get the glass to follow the contours and lay smoothly on the bottom.


If you need maximum abrasion resistance, you could use dynel fabric for the outer layer on the bottom.

The Peeler is a fine boat.


RE: Peeler Order of Operations

   I was thinking the same thing Jeff D, but I'm going to follow the manual  and glass first, then glass again over the skids.  If for some reason they ever get damaged or cracked loose, the bottom of the boat is still fully sealed with glass.  I'll probably be at that step over Christmas and New Years.

I'm absolutely enjoying this project, first build for me.


Jan Welke

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