Koholo, strip build

I am an experienced builder of three strip kayaks and would like to strip a paddle board, if possible?  has anyone ever tried this method?

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RE: Koholo, strip build

a quick google of the terms 'cedar strip paddle board' will bring lots of returns...for example:


it's a pretty common approach, nothing out of the ordinary, to apply strip built techniques to paddle boards.

the major difference compared to a strip built kayak is that you will need internal structure (e.g., ribs) which in most kayak strip-built techiques, are only used as forms and then removed.


RE: Koholo, strip build

One or two people on these message boards (self included) have built the Kaholo using the "strip, stitch, and glue" method. I think this is a viable and not too troublesome route if you're after the aesthetics of a strip build versus plywood.

Good luck,


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