Rookie mistake

I started working on my Wood Duck 12 project this weekend and last night I mixed up the epoxy to join a puzzle joint and forgot to add the Cell-o-fill to the mix.  Any long term effect?  Is there anything I should do (other than not to repeat the mistake) at this point?  Thanks, Rob

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RE: Rookie mistake

   Epoxy/wood joints are pretty strong.  The filler doesn't add strength to the joint but I believe it is there to prevent gaps which may occur because of absorption of the epoxy into the wood.  I would go back to where ever you are building and check if there are any areas where the epoxy has been absorbed into the wood and mix a small batch to fill those spaces before the first batch is fully cured which I believe is maybe 24 hours or more.  I think your puzzle joint will be plenty strong. 

RE: Rookie mistake

   I have done that on several joints, all are still holding fine.    If it is a small joint you can still use a heat gun on it and separate it if you want and redo it.  But, it should be totally fine.  You could also just lay a piece of glass on the joint which would make it super strong.  Never built a wood duck.  Does that joint end up getting glassed over?  If so, I would just move on after you fill any gaps.

RE: Rookie mistake

   Thanks to you both.  There is glass on one side of the joint (interior) already and the exterior will get glass later so I will look to see if there are any gaps and when I mix up tonight to do another set of joints I will fill as needed.

RE: Rookie mistake

   Agree that this will not be a problem.  Even if the joint is a little light on epoxy, it will get all that it needs when you glass over it. 

As a matter of reference, on the newest designs like the Pretrel Play, the puzzle joints don't get any epoxy at all until you glass the hull/deck.  They call for use of CA glue to hold the joint together prior to glassing. 

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