Bevel on the wrong side of hull panel - Wood Duck 12

I thought I was ready to start wiring the hull panels together but I made the mistake of beveling the panels referencing only the joint that I reinforced with glass tape.  I got that part wrong so now I have one set of panels with the bevels on the reverse side.  For grins I did a test wiring and it appears I could get away with it in the flat, center section but as i get to the bow and stern it will be very difficult if not impossible to get the panels lined up evenly. Is the panel salvageable or do I need to order new parts? (If I can order just those pieces...)  I do have some Titebond CA glue that might be helpful in this situation, I thought of adding a second bevel to the panels to make it look uniform but I'm hesitating.  Any ideas for me?

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RE: Bevel on the wrong side of hull panel - Wood Duck 12


You could bevel both pieces inside and out for symmetry and fit. The downside is that your boat would be shorter and would need some kind of paint job to cover the exterior bevels.

I don't think anyone would notice the length and it won't make a difference in handling. Some clever design could turn the paint into a feature.

Enough epoxy, woodflour and paint will cover any multitude of sins. The question is how much time and effort do you want to take. If the answer is not much, go for the new panel, otherwise dive in and fix it.

Personally, I find a classy save more satisfying than a build that went with out a hitch.  (I've had a lot of satisfaction over the years).

Good luck however you go,




RE: Bevel on the wrong side of hull panel - Wood Duck 12

   You could cut 1/2 inch from the plank width on each side, or however much it takes to remove the bevels, then re-bevel both sides correctly. You may end up having to trim the top corners of the bulkheads when you get them in if you're building one of the open designs like Skerry or Northeast Dory.  You would end up having 1/2 inch less freeboard but I don't really see much downside in that. If you're building a kayak or one of the decked designs I have no solution other than ordering a new panel. 

RE: Bevel on the wrong side of hull panel - Wood Duck 12

   Just saw the "Wood Duck 12".  Getting stupid in my old age. 

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