funny resin

11 months after my Skerry kit first arrived, the first container of MAS resin finally ran out.  I unsealed the second container and moved the pump from the first to the second.  As I inserted the pump into the second container, it felt like I was pushing the tube through wet sand.  I had to work it a bit to get it all the way down.  I was able to get a few squirts of resin out and, when mixed with hardner, it had the appearance of epoxy slightly thickened with cab-o-sil.  (It hardened as clear epoxy, though)  Anyone have any experience with a situation like this?  What should I do with this resin?

Hooper Williams

Brevard, NC

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RE: funny resin ?


RE: funny resin

   this can happen to resin if it gets cold in shipping or storage. The best fix is to put the resin container into a bucket of very hot water for a while to heat it up. this will "melt" the slush and will have no ill effects.

RE: funny resin

   Worked like a charm!  First, I tried the hottest water from my tap.  That had a positive effect, but not complete.  I then boiled a big chili pot full of water, took it off the heat and set the jug in it overnight.  When I came back, the resin was good as new.


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