Oars for a Peeler Skiff

As I look out at the snow on a cold New England afternoon, I've been thinking about getting my Peeler Skiff ready for next season.  Though I have nothing but praise for the reliability of my 9.9 hp Yamaha 4-stroke, I would like to have alternative propulsion for emergencies.

Oars would be just the thing, but 9-foot oars are not that easy to stow in a 15-foot boat.  I noticed that GHBW sells "9’4″ 2-piece shaft oars" for their fiberglass SCAMP sailboat.  Does anyone have any thoughts about using them on a Peeler Skiff?

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RE: Oars for a Peeler Skiff

   Sounds like they should be long enough. I guess that they break down to a 5 foot(ish) package which should stow in the aft cockpit. Having, back in the day, rowed an old, heavy flat iron skiff built for an outboard but w/o one I wouldn't want to need to cover a lot of ground. Probably just slightly better than being out all night feeding the mosquitoes.

RE: Oars for a Peeler Skiff


I agree that she'll probably row like a barge, but it's better than drifting around Narragansett Bay waiting for a tow and I don't think she'd sail very well (not to mention the cost and clutter).



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