Feathercraft K2 rudder on Mill Creek 16.5 Hybrid

I'm working on building a Mill Creek 16.5 hybrid, and am planning to add the Feathercraft K2 for sailing purposes.  

I recieved the rudder, and am struggling to make sense of the instructions... I'm not sure how to mount the rudder, despite the Mill Creek specific sections of the instructions.

In particular, what does the "white plastic spacer" look mentioned in the instructions look like?  I did mention that it was for a MC (and ordered the MC sailing kit at the same time), so I assume/hope it's in the kit, but not sure what I'm looking for as nothing seems like an obvious replacement for the black plastic disk that's there.

Also, any guidance on how far from the stern the rudder pintle hole should be, in order that the rudder can clear?  Is the hole vertical in the fore-and-aft axis?

A good close-up picture or three of an installed K2 rudder on a MC 16.5 would be much appreciated right now...


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