I have some small spots of Cab-O-Sil squeeze-out that didn't get completely cleaned up.  They are not blending in after clear epoxy coating.  I'm thinking of disguising them with a Sharpie before varnish.  Any thoughts?

Hooper Williams

Brevard, NC

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RE: Cheating

   You may find that the varnish may cause the ink to smudge. Try using heat gun ( hair dryer) to soften the blob and a scraper or putty knife to reduce it.

RE: Cheating

I second the heat gun approach.  It worked for me.

RE: Cheating

Thanks guys.  You have affirmed my fears about what the solvent in varnish might do to Sharpie ink.  I was hoping to find someone who had tried it successfully.

 These spots were small.  It seemed like a heat gun would cause too much collateral damage.  I drilled them out with a dental burr on a dremel and filled the depressions with epoxy/flour.  Good as new.  

Thanks again for your input.


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