reinforce Skerry garboard?

OK, I have filed and sanded my Skerry bottom and garboard preparatory to glassing it.  In the process of sanding and rounding the bilges, I sanded through the joint I had glued between the bottom and garboard in a couple of places forward.  My kit was apparently one of the first ones last year to have the rabbets machined into the bottom to better locate the garboard, which it did.  However, the overhang of the bottom's rabbet meant i didn't have as much epoxy in that joint as might have been there in the older version.  As I trimmed and sanded away the overhang, I opened the joint in a couple of places to where there was light showing.  I went back and squeegee'd some epoxy fill back in and lightly sanded it again.  Looks nice now, but I know there's not much joint in a couple of places.  

Would it make any sense to add an extra layer of 'glass tape at the corners between bottom and garboard, just to be safe, or proceed as the directions say, glassing the bottom with one layer, and then reinforcing from the inside with the inside fillets?


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RE: reinforce Skerry garboard?

Ultimately the fiberglass is doing all the work at that joint. Epoxy squished into that joint in early steps really functions only to "tack weld" the bottom and garboard until the structural fiberglass is applied.  So whether there's a a lot or a little in the early stages really doesn't matter in the finished boat.  

We've been building that version of the Skerry in classes now for ages, and we're replacing our 2006-era demo model with one of the new generation right now.  Definitely no need to add more fiberglass!

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