John's OkoumeFest Question

On Facebook, John Harris said "2008. It was a very good year at OkoumeFest. What will happen this year?"

I remember O-Fest 2008. It was a very good year. The weather started out messy and turned beautiful. The PocketShip made its inaugural appearance and was a real crowd pleaser. Many of us met Kerry for the first time, too.

Also making its O-Fest premier was the first customer-built Wood Duck 12. My question, in response to John's, is - it's been 7 years, are the Wood Duck T-shirts ready yet?

See everyone at the beach :-)



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RE: John's OkoumeFest Question

There seems to be a couple of new shirts, one of them might have the Wood Ducks on it. I would suggest getting one of those and circling the appropriate boat.

Always glad to be of assistance!

George K

RE: John's OkoumeFest Question

Thanks George. Now I know why your students in the Dory classes spoke so highly of you :-)

BTW, in the original post, I did not mean the first Wood Duck ever built by a customer, I meant the the first customer-built Wood Duck to make it to Okoumefest. CLC should really have an edit feature for these posts.



RE: John's OkoumeFest Question

   I seem to remember a year or two back that John had a prototype T on which  you featured prominently. Judging by his output of drool worthy boats any further work on this has been "back burnered". 

If a Wood Duck T is ever offered I would be interested.

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