Interlux Flattening agent

I'm going to use the flattening agent with Brightsides to produce a semi gloss look. Interlux says a 1;1 ratio and only need to flatten the top coat. Is this the experience of other builders. 2 coats PreKote and 2 coats paint for the interior. I have no other plan for this color paint. Should I just mix the entire can of flattenng agent and the whole can of paint and seal the remainder for future touch ups? Any experience is greater appreciated. Thanks Dan

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RE: Interlux Flattening agent


I used the Interlux flattening agent with Brightsides for the interior of my Peeler Skiff.  I was looking for a pretty flat finish and mixed 1:1.  Worked well and has been very durable so far.

I would recommend, if you don't expect to need the full can of paint, that you mix about an ounce of paint with a half ounce of flattening agent and try it on a smooth surface to see how it looks.  If that provides the semi-gloss finish you want then you know the ratio you need.  If it's not flat enough, go with the 1:1.

You definitely need the flattening agent only for the final coat.



RE: Interlux Flattening agent

   Thanks Dick, I was hoping you would reply as I have read your posts about the skiff and knew you used the flattening agent. The brightwood will be a satin finish. I won't be doing that until the final stage and the painting is done. What is your thought about getting to a satin finish with the paint. Will a 1:1 be enough. I understand the trial technique but am too inpatient to wait for it to dry. thanks Dan

RE: Interlux Flattening agent


1:1 will be plenty.  You might want to use less.  Patience is the most important virtue of a good boat builder.


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