Tape residue on Brightside

I just finished a waterline paintjob on a Millcreek. I painted the bottom with green Brightside, waited three days, taped at the waterline with Frog Tape, and painted the top white. When I pulled the tape off, it left very distinct matte lines in the green. Has anyone had this happen, and any suggestions for correcting the issue?

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RE: Tape residue on Brightside

   It's either residue from the tape (try some Goo Gone) or the paint you applied the tape to wasn't fully cured.  If it's residue it's easily removed with that product. If the surface of the paint has been changed it will have to sanded and recoated. You don't need to leave the masking tape on there for very long, just long enough for the coat of paint to become tacky. I usually remove the tape almost immediately. 

RE: Tape residue on Brightside


I recently had the same problem when applying a second epoxy coat in the build of a Passagemaker pram.   I had applied Frog Tape to map off areas where fillets were applied and this was followed by a second epoxy coat to the boats interior.   I did not have this problem when I used the 3-M Blue painters tape.  Needless to say, I will not use Frog Tape again and suspect this is due to an adhesive residue.

Pat Yeatts

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